My boyfriend and I have a 7 month old miniature dachshund named Oliver (Oli for short) that we absolutely adore. (For obvious reasons!) We've been having some issues lately though. Within the last couple of months he has decided he wants to eat his poop. We bought forbid, which was reccommended to us by our vet but that really only seems to give him smelly gas. It made him throw up once but now I think he's gotten smart enough that he knows not to eat too much. Now I think he eats a little at a time so he won't throw it up. We don't know why he's doing this and are about at the end of our rope trying to find a way to make him stop. I just ordered a new product hoping it will help more than the forbid, but if anyone has any other ideas please feel free to share them!

I worry that the forbid hasn't been as effective because of our second problem with Oli. Our second problem is getting him to eat his dog food. We tried cutting back on treats, not giving him his rawhide/pig ear, we've gone days without any treats or human food and sometimes he only cleans out his bowl twice a week. We've even tried crushing up some of his treats in his food to get him to eat and sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. Sometimes when we're really desperate to get him to eat we'll hand feed it to him but we don't want to encourage that so it doesn't happen often. Since he's not eating his food it seems as though he shouldn't have any bowel movements, but he does. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to get him to eat his food?
Hi Emily,

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A dog can eat poop for a really great number of resons. Pups often try to taste their feces, and prevention is the wisest practice in this case. Clean up after him right after he goes, before he has a chance to eat his poop.

Other common reasons of such behaviour are:

- either the dog's regular food is lacking in sufficient nutrients,

- or the animal is bored, lonely, anxious or stressed.

Boredom, lonelyness, anxiety and stress can also cause a loss of appetite. What food do you give him? Natural, dry, canned? How much do you walk and how much physical exercise does he receive? In the wild, animals have to work hard to get food. Hunting (and Dachshunds were bred to hunt by the way) takes a lot of energy so it's impossible to imagine a healthy predator that would willingly refuse eating. Physical load is an instinct of any dog, and if this need is neglected, the animal can lose its appetite and taste for life, become sluggish and so on. Please let us know how much physical exercise Oli receives as this may be the key to both the problems.

By the way, sometimes dogs eat poop because of internal parasites but since you've seen a vet, I assume it's not the reason.

There's something else I'd like to add. It's probably not your case because the dog doesn't eat much but it's important anyway. When a dog is given low-quality dog food, it consumes more of it in order to satisfy the body's craving for nutrients. Large amounts of food go through the digestive system undigested, and the stool smells and look almost like the previosuly consumed food, so the dog may try to eat it again... in this case it's more a cry for health rather than a bad babit.

Thanks for your response!

Oli gets walked at the very least once a day and we play fetch for HOURS after work. Soon our backyard will be fenced in and he will have a doggy door to go in and out as he pleases when my boyfriend and I are not home. I realize he could probably use some more but it's not like he's not getting any either. It's been rainy the last few days and he hates rain so the last few days have been probably boring for him, but usually he's pretty active. Even when he's been out on a hike with me he comes home and ignores his food.

My boyfriend and I have fought over what food to feed him. He's currently eating Diamond Dog Food. I've never heard of it and I question the quality, personally. It's a dry dog food that was reccommended to my boyfriend but, like I said I personally question the quality. Typically he eats his poop when we're home, not while we're away. Do you have a better reccommendation for dog food? He willingly eats it if we mix in a puppy ceasar, but we don't give him one all the time. That's only once in a great while.

Oli had some form of worms a few months ago, but that has been taken care of. I originally thought it would stop when they were treated but of course that isn't the case.
Hi Emily!

I'm not a dog specialist but have you tried giving him other dry food or even natural/holistic food? Just out of curiosity? Maybe he doesn't like this particular brand you chose. For example my cat is veeery picky and he will refuse most dry food. He'll only eat two brands (Royal Canin and Yams). I'm sure dogs can have preferences like this too. As I said I'm not a dog specialist but if disliking the brand is the case, it would probably explain why he wants to eat poop - because he doesn't enjoy his regular food...

Just my 2 cents. Emotion: smile

(By the way, I've just looked through the pics in your gallery - Oli is sooo cute!)
Hi Emily!

Im not sure when you posted this since there is no date but I wanted to reach out. Have you seen improvement with Oli? We have a miniature names Charlotte, she is also 7 months and has started eating her poop. I read the comments below and think we should try switching her food but I wanted to check and see if you have any tips, Etc.

thank you!
My wiener dog just started eating his poop, I have him on a diet but he shouldn't be starving bc he's a couple pounds over weight. It's winter so I'm not out picking up the poops. He's also a greedy eater


First...all dogs eat their poop. Pick it up after he goes. Sometimes pineapple in their food will help.

Get rid of ALL rawhide. It is not digested well. Go to pettco and ask for a "hoodie" you can thank me later : )

NO people food!! Especially with a doxi. It's very unusual that your having trouble with that. They are flattens. For a mini 1/4 c 2x daily. Mix a tiny bit of gravy and hot h2o mix it up. If he doesn't eat in a half HR. Pick it up. Try to feed at the same time daily.

Finally walk your baby a min of 30 min but 45 is better.

Good luck!

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