i adopted this 6 year old sweety from a rescue about a week ago. I was told that he was house trained which he is clearly not. I'll take him outside and he'll go pee, but as soon as we get back in he'll poop on the floor. I don't yell at him and i don't rub his nose in it. I've tried taking the poop outside to the "potty area" so he'll smell it and know that's where he's supposed to go. can anyone please help me? is here a certain time i should feed him so i can be here to take him out? He is also alone for about 5 hours of the day. Is that bad?
How long are your walks with him? Perhaps he needs to go out for a while longer until he gets the urge. Keep trying and be patient with him, and well done for rescuing a dog!
If you are putting food down and then going to work and leaving your dog alone, then he doesn't have time to digest the food before you leave. Feed him when you have at least half an hour to spare to take him outside. Get up half an hour earlier, if necessary. Go with him, and be sure to praise him when he finally poops. It's quite possible that he IS house trained, but you're not allowing him the time for his bowel to kick in.

I find with my three dogs that they have to poop within a few minutes after eating ... 15 minutes, tops. I can leave them alone for many hours, without any accidents, so five hours for your dog to be alone should be just fine.
4 blocks is was it takes for my dog like yours to poop outside
by the way what kind of dog is your dog--I got mine from pound too