Hi! I seek some help here. I have a 3 y.o. domestic shorthair cat named Olivia. Several times a year I need to be off for a week or two, and I leave Olivia at my friend's who also has a female cat. So during these weeks Olivia is fine, she gets along with the other cat and is overall a good girl. The problem starts when I come back to take her. In fact taking her IS the problem. She'll hiss and hide, won't let me pick her up. Leather gloves won't always help, she can bite through them. As soon as she's back home, she's cuddly and beahves as if nothing has happened. Any ideas on what I can do to reduce the stress for all of us?
A few months ago I left on a trip for 5 weeks, and my cat stayed at home with my family, this was the first time I had ever left him for so long since I first got him at 3 weeks of age. he was so offended by me that for the whole time any chance he would get access to my bedroom he would poo on my bed, if he couldn't he would poo on my bathroom rugs or in front of my bedroom door. this was clearly him expressing how angry he is at me for leaving him, which is understandable, cats don't always exactly understand what's going on, but instead of fighting with him to come to me I just greeted him and let him come to me at his own terms, and he did. she may feel that something is going on and you are leaving but she doesn't understand that you are coming back, to her you are just leaving her behind and never coming back, and when you do come back she probably feels disappointment and my find it hard to trust you again immediately, she simply needs some time to understand what is going on. I suggest leaving the whole ritual of fighting with her every time you come back, this leaves her with bad expectations and just knowing that you are leaving, may never come back but if you do come back its going to end in a fight! why should it be like that? Instead sit next to her and speak to her, call her and let her approach you when she is ready, when she is greet her with a treat making this a happy reunion! it might take a while to get her to get out of that shock the first time but once she understands that seeing you when you come back won't result in a fight, she won't see the need to close herself to you like she did before, instead she will be expecting you to come back and give her a treat and see the whole thing as a nice experience.
Olivia doesn't poo on my bed thank God! I get what you mean. This doesn't make me look good but the idea of starting with a treat escaped me, what a shame. I guess that's because I've always been in a rush to take Olivia. I miss her so much when I'm away! Poor girl she must be really thinking I want to leave her. Emotion: sad I'll try to follow your advice next time!
It doesn't make you look bad its just a simple case of miss understanding, you didn't understand what she thinks or feels and she didn't know you just wanted her to come and cuddle with you like always, I'm sure now that you can understand her more you can make her feel better just take your time and good luck Emotion: smile
Joleen Cohenhe would poo on my bed, if he couldn't he would poo on my bathroom rugs or in front of my bedroom door
So they do that for real? I thought cats didn't take revenge!
they don't "take revenge" they just try to tell you when something is wrong.