My bigger dog (Lab/Terrier mix) Belle has a tendency to herd people and other dogs when she's off leash at the local dog park area (doesn't nip or anything, just directs them to the way she wants them to go) . Is there some activities that I can do with her or training we could do that tones down the herding? Since there are other dog owners who think she is "trying to hurt" their dogs when she really isn't at all. She loves to do it and I just don't really know what to do since I've never had a dog that does it before.
Hi puddle jumper

I looked it up, in my little book of 'things dogs do - because that's the way they are'. And I noticed this part of the book was written by a girl named Leigh Wittman. She has a 4 step process of making your stop herding people and other animals. But it does take a fair bit of commitment. This is her 4 advices:


Ignore your dog when it herds. The more that people shout, scream, jump and  react to the dog's herding, the more the dog will find herding to be a an  entertaining game. If the dog is ignored, the dog will see that herding is not a  fun way to play.


Provide your dog with an appropriate outlet for tugging and nipping.  Providing your dog with an acceptable way to nip and tug will allow your dog to  have a healthy outlet and will reduce its urge to nip and tug. Playing a game of  tug-of-war with your dog is a great way for it to nip and  tug.


Exercise your dog on a regular basis. This is important because many dogs  that herd are simply looking to exercise. Daily walks are ideal. However, other  options, such as playing fetch or having your dog jog on a treadmill, are  acceptable if it is impossible or impractical to walk your dog  daily.


Teach your dog self-control by teaching it basic obedience. Teaching your dog  to sit on command will allow you to stop your dog from herding by asking it to  sit. Pet stores and animal shelters commonly offer dog obedience classes if you  do not feel comfortable training your dog on your own

I wish the best of luck to you and Belle. Emotion: smile