I have a 2 year old female Dachshund, she is a "barker". I don't mind her barking at people, dogs, or cats outside. The problem is when my friends come over - she barks at them all the time. How can I train her to hush?
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Barking at your friends is anti-social behaviour. She seems to view them as some sort of threat, and doesn't want them invading "her" territory. Try getting her to be friendly with your friends. If you can get her to warm up to them, the barking should stop on its own.

If you can't get her to become friendly, then you may have to get yourself a spray bottle or water gun. Put about a tablespoon or two (less in a water gun) of pure lemon juice into the spray bottle and then fill it the rest of the way with water.

Every time she opens her mouth to bark, squirt her in the mouth and very loudly say, "QUIET!" I haven't yet met a dog that likes the taste of lemon, so it's a great deterrant for barking. Don't worry if you should happen to get a bit in her eyes. The lemon will be so diluted that it won't harm her ... it may sting a little, but will do no damage.
Hello friend,
Don't worry. Your Dog won't bite anybody, as barking dogs never bite. Ask your friends to get some cookies while coming to your house. Your problem will be solved in a minute!
Your Dog is giving signals to your friends to offer something for eating. People who go to with empty hands to anybody's house may have to face the same thing.
All the best to you.
kittukittubarking dogs never bite.
I'm afraid that is not true at all. My dog is very protective of me and any of my property. He barks his fool head off if someone comes near, and he DOES bite if the person doesn't take his warning seriously.
Hi all,

I don't agree that a barking dog never bites, either. Just about a month ago, an acquaintance of mine got into a very unpleasant story, to say the least... she made a blog post about it:

By the way, in my opinion, it's kind of weird to train the dog to be silent at home but to allow it to freely bark at people & pets outside... I'm not a specialist in canine psychology, but I think that if a dog is well-trained and well-socialized, you won't have barking problems wherever you are. If a dog shows an unwanted behaviour like that at home, it should definitely be trained and socialized better, and it should influence the dog's overall behaviour, not just when it's at home. Otherwise, anon, don't you think that keeping her 'anger' inside when she's at home will provoke more tantrums when the dog's outside?..
I agree with Ruslana ... your dog should also be trained to not bark at everyone when out walking. To achieve this, give her leash a short, but forceful yank, and again loudly say, "QUIET!" She will associate that "QUIET" (or hush, if you prefer) command with the water and the same command at home. She will very quickly learn what that word means.
Thank you all.
I'll try to do what you say JustaBrat.
You're most welcome. In order to train your dog you "must" become the alpha dog of the household. If you don't gain control, you will never have a well-behaved pooch.

Let us know how you make out with her.
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