How do you get a dog unafraid of dog toys? I would like to know because 5 month old jack russel is afraid of squeaky toys and bouncy balls. Should I get rid of them and try other types of dog toys or there's another option? Can it also be a sign that he has socialization problems?
You can try rubbing the toys with some kind of meat flavouring such as soup stock or broth. Just don't squeeze or bounce the toy when offering it up for inspection. Dogs have funny ideas about what is scary to them, so it's a matter of trying to figure out exactly what it is that frightens them. With your dog it sounds like he may be afraid of the movement or noise they make.

Socialization and fear of toys are two separate issues, so I wouldn't worry too much about that until he shows aggression toward another living being.
Ok I'll try that, thanks. Do you think I should change the toys if this doesn't work?
You're welcome. Yes, if that doesn't work, then by all means try different toys. Just don't go crazy on spending, as some dogs just plain don't like toys for whatever silly reason they dream up. Try a couple different things, but if he still doesn't take any interest, leave it alone and try again when he gets a bit older.