my green anole won't eat the mealworms that i put in his cage, eventually the mealworms end up dying in his cage. another problem we are having with him is that he won't come down of his little plastic tree that is in his cage. i have seen him come down maybe once a day but when i go to check on him again he is on top of his tree again! wut can i do to help him?
My anus used to be green and then I went to the Free Clinic
green anoles hang out in trees and bushes, thats kindof their deal. So that little plastic tree is the anole's favorite place to be in the tank. If you want to have the anole move around more, adding some more little plastic trees might do the trick. Meal worms are probably not the most appealing food for a green anole, maybe try crickets or go catch some varied insects to see what it likes.
that said, you would probably be better off looking around online for a care sheet than asking strangers online. Good luck to you and mostly to your anole.
They like smegma too. Put them in your undershorts and let them run wild.