Okay, so we got this kitten from my brother's friend almost 3 months ago, he's about 8 months old now and lately he has been through a lot
First, he has been purring since day 1 and we only heard him meow like a week ago, now he meows way more often and its usually weak like something's wrong..
I guess he never had a stable diet too which always concerned me but I never really found help online, he started with dry food only then dry food and raw meat or raw chicken then canned food and now dry food and raw meat or chicken again.. And its not scheduled or organised or anything like he can eat dry food anytime but he only gets the raw meat once to twice a day (I think my brother is still trying to figure out what our cat prefers best)
He pooped all on his tail like 4 days ago which i heard is something we should worry about (he's long haired)
And at the same day i think he vomited, the stains were dry so im not sure what was that
He's been shedding like never before but Ive been told its normal after winter is over and the weather becomes hot.. But its really extreme and it isnt like clumps it just falls straight and I havent noticed any balled spots or anything so far
I brush him daily and use those cats' wipes every few days... And I was just using them when I noticed one of his claws (nails) are dark (has like green or black spots) and the fur around it is getting dark too..
I wouldve took him to the vet immediately but my mother is out of town and I cant do that before a week or 2 or something and Im really, really, really worried I feel like crying when i look at him..
I wanna know what is wrong with him and can it wait for at least a week?!
There's no way for anyone on the internet to tell you what's wrong but no, waiting a week is not advised. Something is wrong and if he's crying, he's in pain. Something is definitely wrong here. Can't your mother give the vet her credit card number so they can look at him now?