Moe & Rudy, neutered indoor guys and brothers..they are now around 5 yrs old and still act like kittens they have plently of toys and things to climb on also I roatate the toys...I can tell they're totally bored they roam around looking for anything to get into...tonight the've gome to the2 end tables and coffee table evryhting has been pushed off them and they bite my shoelaces in half!

These are not happy boys and I keep getting then new toys..they still eat well, no problem with the kitty litter
Moe goes around meowing all the time, I go and bed, sweet talk him that stops for as long as he's with me then starts right back up..yes they had fresh catnip but there's only so many times I can give it to them b4 they get bored
any suggestions really appreciated
Some ideas:
Do you play with them twice per day to release some of that energy? Use a fishing pole type of toy or laser pointer. Have a play session right before bed to tire them out.
Do they have a cat tree to climb?
Rotate their toys every few days. Put away some and bring them out later. They are "new" again (this really works. I do it all the time). do the same with cardboard boxes, and paper bags (no handles).

Can you put a bird or squirrel feeder near a window. Ours love to watch the critters.
Some cats like those DVD shows for cats, or "watching" Animal Planet.

I do roate their toys all the time..I'm in a small on floor apartment, wonderful suggestions and really wish I could use them, bird or sqirrel feeder are out, not allowed in our apartment complex..the guys don't like balls at all! I have thought abt videos for them, Rudy likes some of the animal channel but he attacks the TV, don't what a video would do
also the want to be in my lap 24/7..I can't sit down without one of them on me, the the other is in waiting, they'll have a fight over me