How do I stop her from doing this? When family or friends whom she adores, come over, she gets so excited she will pee here and there! Or when I tell her "let's go for a walk!!" and she's in one of her good moods, she'll get over excited and pee! I don't know what to do because it can get quite embarassing and she'll feel totally embarassed too poor thing. Does anyone have ideas? By the way, this started about 2 years ago, she's 11 now.
My cousin had almost the same problems with her german shepherd who started tinkling a little pee whenever guests would come around. She got her to stop that by letting the guests know not to give the dog any attention for about 10 minutes and only give her attention once the scene has settled down. This helped the dog calm down too. See if this works for you but make sure to be patient and never punish the dog!