I have a blue Persian who is 5 years old. She had very bad skin problems when I rescued her as a kitten but recovered quickly. Recently she started losing round patches of fur around her neck which then grow back in a darker blue color. My vet just said 'it can happen, she's probably scratching' but it keeps happening! There will be a few months where she loses no hair and it all grows back, then some new patches will be there. I don't see her scratching these off, I can't imagine her scratching in almost perfect circles. What can this be?
First of all I'd get another vet! Jeez! perfect circles sounds like ringworm to me. You need to get her treated for that! It's just going to keep happening. Is there another vet you can see? Seriously? This one has no clue.
Oh God is ringworm something serious? Ok I will go to another vet, found one that's a bit further out. We don't have that many in the area. Thanks I hope it's nothing serious!
Well sure, it can be. It's a parasite and parasites can do damage if not treated. It's doing damage to her immune system right now and that's why the hair is coming out like that. Definitely see about another vet and tell them your other vet said this is normal or can happen which is SO WRONG. Good luck and please keep us posted!
Oh yes change your vet asap, what's up with him! Ringworm is contagious so this needs to be treated immediately, assuming that this is what she has, but it's one of the most common skin infections and what you're saying matches its symptoms. Good luck and keep us updated!
Hello again. I have been to the other vet and wanted to update you since you were so helpful. Unfortunately she does have ringworm Emotion: sad
We have started treating her and are disinfecting the house because he said if she's infected we need to decontaminate our home.
Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!
WOW!!! Now I am so glad you have a diagnosis and some treatment. I hope you stick with this vet from now on, the other one is a ding a ling! LOL. You're very welcome and I hope the treatment and cleaning takes care of it. Keep us posted!