Very Worried now, Bitsy must have been in a fight and she ain't herself. Two blood marks on her rear back, she limps side to side and her tail is motionless. She does still purr but not as loud. She won't let us touch her close to the wounds as it is too sensitive. Off to the Vet now, keep you all posted.
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Oh no that's terrible news! I hope it's just the after shock of a fight and she'll be herself again soon. Can't wait to hear what the vet says Emotion: sweating
She is recovering now, but the wounds are still bleeding slightly. We won't be letting her out any time soon until she looks way better. There is still no sign of life on her tail.
I'm so so sorry to read about this, Christopher! Emotion: sad Did the vet give any ideas about her tail? Does she let you touch her now?
This made me a remember a similar story happened to my cat years ago. When he was about 2 years old, he used to take him with us to a village in summer. One morning he came home limping, or, it's better to say, dragging one of his back legs. It was totally moveless. As we figured out later, the injured leg missed one of the claws at all, as if it stuck somewhere and he had no choice but to get loose by losing the claw. Like Bitsy, he didn't allow us to touch him. Apart from this, his coat was all wet. We thought it was either because of strong morning dew or he somehow got into a river. We had to dry him somehow so that he doesn't catch a cold. Fortunately my mom came with an idea to use a hair-dryer, Barsik didn't mind it since we didn't have to touch him like that. We were really worried and mom was afraid he'd never be able to walk again. He spend home about a week or two, and then began to desperately ask to let him out again... So full recovery didn't take too much time.
I really hope there'll be nothing too serious with Bitsy either, and she'll be OK in a while.
Thank-you for the kind words of hope Ruslana, if you visit my FB page you can see the scars that Bitsy has. I will keep you all updated on Bitsy's progress.
Haansworsif you visit my FB page you can see the scars that Bitsy has.
I've actually just opened Facebook and saw the pictures. Poor kitty. Emotion: sad
Very sad news to hear! Please Bitsy get well soon, and do not get into fights like this anymore!
aww poor thing send bitsy my love and catnip wishes Emotion: smile i hope he makes a speedy recovery im sure he will cats are little toughies xx
So sorry to hear that Bitsy isn't feeling well. I hope she recovers quickly and is back to her normal self real soon.
HaansworsThere is still no sign of life on her tail.
There won't be until the pain decreases. Moving or wagging her tail will cause great pain right now. As she recovers her tail should start moving again, and then you'll know it's safe to stroke her back.

Get well soon, Bitsy!
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