Hello all dog lovers! I have a question about my 10 month old German Shepherd. The problems is that he is too amicable and kind with strangers! He's smart and knows simple commands, but when unknown people come - no reaction at all! I've met in instructor and he said that if I want my dog to be agressive and to know the "bite" command, it will be necessary to beat it. Emotion: crying I got upset very much... but what can I do? To keep a big Shepherd as a perfoming house dog? But this breed's role is to guard and protect... and he does neither. How can I train him to bark at strangers? Thanks for any advice.
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On the contrary, my dog is too agressive to strangersEmotion: sad

It is said that big dogs are actually much more friendly than small ones. Because small ones have to bluff since they have no advantages on the body typesEmotion: big smile
Lara, don't beat your dog. He's still young and I know that some Shepherds begin to guard when they are about 1,5 or 2 years old. In fact I've never known a Shepherd that wouldn't protect his owner and possessions. Be patient. If you try to make him aggressive now, you may regret it in the future because he might become too aggressive. Good luck!
You cant imagine how lucky you are. I wouldn't really be concerned about that. Right now he is just a puppy. He will know what to do when he grows older. Most shepherds will never be aggressive when you are around and some might not even show aggression to strangers when they are home alone. So dont worry and be happy with your dog the way he is.
AnonymousI've met in instructor and he said that if I want my dog to be agressive and to know the "bite" command, it will be necessary to beat it.
How on earth did this person become a dog trainer or an instructor? Beating a dog is very inhumane because a dog cant talk cant really tell you how it feels about himself about the life he is living. That is just a poor animal who looks at you for everything. Dogs teach you self control. Get that instructor arrested.
but he is almost 3 yr. old but still he is freindly to any strangers ? please tell me how i make him aggressive to others..really i need help..
Plz dont beat him...it wil make problm for u and ur family in future....it wil becom aggresiv towards u n ur family for sure...Dnt knw Abt the strangers...Emotion: smile Emotion: smile so Dnt beat him...if u want wel mannerd dog....
hello Lara, report this so called dog trainer, never beat a dog....I have had Shepherds for many years, all have instinctively barked ar strangers later on, about 12 months....one thing we did do, was to get someone to dress untidily, then jump out from a corner of the house, the dog was startled, but did make a 'woof' of sorts, for which she was highly praised, soon learnt to bark very convincingly at strangers...be patient tho....hope you enjoy your beautiful GSD (German Shepherd Dog)..just love them, would have no other...
I had great results hiring a guard dog trainer

Dog scan easily be trained to guard

you just need the right trainer and this does NOT include hurting or beating your dog

i had results with one session
german sheperds smell fear so when ur not scared it won't go to protective mode it's better to keep him like that because if he ever gets loose you won't be facing charges of your dog attacking so ita good to have him like that he will attack whine he knows you are scared
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