My spayed 15 month old cat is suddenly acting oversexed. Shes become extremely affectionate and when you touch her she raises her butt in the air. She walks around making cooing noises and doind a lot of deep meowing. Why would she be acting this way. We had her spayed at 6 months of age.
Here's some info that may answer your question:


"Sometimes there is ovarian tissue in locations other than the expected ones but more often a small portion of the ovary is left in the abdomen during surgery. This must be reasonably easy to do because there is a lot of attention paid to this problem in books dealing with surgery and reproductive disorders. If you do have a cat experiencing the signs of estrus after being spayed, the advice is to have the exploratory surgery done when the cat is exhibiting signs of estrus, if possible. The ovarian tissue will be easier to find then because the developing egg makes it larger. It is also reasonable to do it shortly after estrus when the remains of the egg are present since they are sometimes easier to feel and see due to their consistency and coloring. Finding it and removing it should resolve the symptoms"