At first it seemed that it may just be cat hair or overeating and they throw up. Then gradually it seemed to be happening more often. Now its a daily thing about twice a day and coming out of nowhere. As I watched him on two occasions. he is a calm quiet cat just hanging with me. even purring one of the times and a few minutes later just starts with the convulsions and then vomits. then he is fine again. Well its digested food as its like a puree yellowish brown in nature, then one time there was nothing in his stomach as only liquid was coming out then something that looked like blood. I took him straight to vet. they did stool test, and an exray, no clue. he thought maybe IBD, irritable bowel disease. gave him some meds for 5 days, no vomiting for 6 days, then vomiting just started again today. hasn't done anything since I am awake but will monitor him. any ideas or home remedies to ease his tummy from vomiting would be helpful. thanks
Sorry to hear this. IBD is actually Inflammatory bowel disease and it's not something that just goes away. X-rays alone will not usually show thickening of the intestines, which is what IBD is. you need to have an ultrasound done. And if there's blood and yellowish brown, this needs immediate attention as the liver is being affected. He runs the risk of stopping eating and if that happens, he can develop fatty liver disease which is life threatening. Is there a feline internal specialist in your area? Here is my website on feline IBD: http://www.ibdkitties.net /
I never realized that this condition was present in kitties. We have a kitty that does vomit a lot but I figured it was due to overeating. I will have to keep an eye on this.
keeping an eye on it is really not going to help. he needs to be treated and have his diet changed, the earlier the better. Please make sure that he's still not vomiting yellow as this indicates liver disease and can be life threatening.
Have they tested his thyroid? Hyperthyroid i have found out belated can cause all of these symptoms and more. For some reason vets seem to wait a long time to even suggest testing for it. i even had to ask for it, then it's too late and somehow the vet still manages to blame me. Thyroid tests are not that expensive and the meds are not expensive either. Everyone, if your animal has not been tested, and is throwing up alot or has bloody stools, ask the vet to check the thyroid. But regardless, always remember we can't expect our animals to live forever, and part of what they come to teach us is how to forgive ourselves and our vets, apparently...