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I was wondering if there were any other rat owners out there who have had problems with mycoplasmosis? My two girls have just recently had to go to the vets for antibiotic and anti-inflammatory shots as they were wheezing and sneezing quite badly.

As far as I know, nearly all rats have the mycoplasma bacteria living in their lungs, but it normally doesn't affect them. Some rats can display symptoms though, such as the above. I've heard it isn't too serious, but can lead to more severe secondary infections. I also know it's something that can't be cured, so I anticipate future vet visits for my poor girls.

If anyone else has had any experiences with this with their rats, please reply! How long and how severely has it been affecting your rat(s) and can you give any tips on managing it? I'd like to be able to reduce the risks of the symptoms showing up again and causing problems as much as possible!

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Hi Kieru, I'm sorry to hear about your rat. My friend has been going through the same thing and while doing his research said one of the most important things is that the vet CHANGES the antibiotics if you don't see any improvements within the first 3 days. And they should be taken longer than 10 days, preferably up to 30. This will help relapses from occurring.

The best way to prevent it from happening is to use a wire cage and one that's well ventilated. Also you need to be ahead of the ammonium build up, clean the urine as much as possible since it's a major factor in triggering myco.

I'm not an expert and maybe someone else will join in, good luck!
Hey found this, hope it helps:

Mycoplasmosis caught and treated early is easily controlled with antibiotics. It is not uncommon for a rat to live a very long time with Myco as long as each bout is controlled with antibiotics. Some rats have been on antibiotics daily for the rest of their lives to keep the Myco under control, because the disease scars the lungs just a little bit more each time Myco flares up.

If they are loosing weight it means they are using up all their energy in the effort to just breath. If they are at the point of having difficulty breathing it means that the Myco has been untreated for some time and has now progressed to pnuemonia, and sadly, it's the pneumonia that eventually kills them. At this point aggressive treatment is needed to prolong their lives.

Source: YA.
Thanks for your help Emotion: smile

I'll be keeping a close eye on both girls so that we can always catch their symptoms early if it flares up again!
Ask the vet about Ronaxan, which is an antibiotic for cats but I gather it has good effects on rats with Myco. Speak to GeekyGoth on fancy rats.