hye guys! hows life? great? Emotion: smile

could u guys do me a favour? i need a cute, great and 'easy-to-say' name for my new kitten.

i couldn't attach its picture since i didnt have the correct version of java installed.

but i can tell u guys how it looks like. he's grey. that's that. Emotion: smile

thanks for helping Emotion: smile
Hi Yayya, why don't you email me the photo and I'll upload it for you? info @ mysmelly.com
Seeing a photo will help us come up with the right name Emotion: smile
Hi Yayya,

Check out this article:


There is a number of names for grey cats, as well as other names in case you like them.

I'd love to see his picture by the way! Emotion: smile
hmm, how about GREYSON ? since greyson chance is quite cute. haha Emotion: smile
Love it!
Yeah sounds very nice! Emotion: smile
it's a lovely name! do we still have a chance to see that charming kitteh? ^_^