Are there any foods considered to be natural dewormers for dogs? In the past I had a very bad incident with my puppy being intoxicated with a medical dewormer and now I'm very cautious about what I give my dogs. I don't want it to happen again so I'm currently looking for anything that can replace deworming medications even though they are commonly accepted to be harmless. Thanks.
Every cat and dog around the world gets dewormed and do perfectly fine with it, the chances you get two dogs that are both allergic to it is nearly impossible, as for the puppy I imagine your vet gave him a dose according to his body weight and didn't consider he might not do well on it because most dogs don't even have side effects.. but my vet will always start with a very very small dose especially with a puppy so he can know for sure that it is safe before going on to giving him the rest. I doubt there is any food that is safe to give a dog that will treat the worms, dogs are meat eaters nothing else. You also have to remember a lot of dogs and cats get worms from their mothers and are born with it, it is important to deworm in order to treat as well as prevent. Visit the vet and explain your concerns and ask to start with a smaller dose so you can be sure its safe.
Joleen CohenEvery cat and dog around the world gets dewormed and do perfectly fine with it,
My puppy did not and I can no longer trust vets. Thank God he survived however I've never dewormed him again. He's 4 y.o. now.
If there's nothing but medications how do feral animals live without them? There must be something more natural than the results of pharmaceutical industry. The pup that needs to be dewormed is 8 m.o.