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I have some home-made agility equipment for my dog that I use in the house. Toys-R-Us sells a kids tunnel ... the order and try to get him to go to the correct obstacle on voice command alone. He loves it.

that sounds great. I will look in to it asap!
I exercise my dog in the house for the same reasons you do. I recommend the ones that get my ... her in a stay in one room, and walk quietly to another before calling her. She has to find me.

sounds great, I like the jumping ideas and running him up and down the steps!
Hello! I have an almost 7 month old toy poodle. I am looking for some new activities to do with him inside my house.

Josie and I play hide-and-seek a lot: If she is to get a treat, I get her to sit and ... that managed to fall into a jug under the sink! Perhaps she missed a great career as a sniffer dog!

I used your hide and seek idea. he loves it and is pretty good. thanks a ton.
get the mail from the mail box

his a little short for that but thanks for the suggestion anyway
Hello! I have an almost 7 month old toy poodle. ... am at a loss. Thanks for any help. Take care.

you need to teach him to dance. all poodles (and bichons for that matter) should know how to do a ... they're balanced right for it. or you could always try Canine Freestyle, where you dance with the dog. http://www.canine-freestyle.org/whatisfreestyle.html :-)

I'll let you know if he can dance or if he just falls down too.