Hi everyone, Just after a bit of advice!

We got our baby corn snake about 10 days ago and he had his first pinkie and all was well. We could handle him and he was absolutely fine before the feed and didn't handle him again until he had fully digested (which took 3/4 days).

Now he is a bit dull in colour but his eyes are still bright red (so I'm not sure if this means he will shed soon as they aren't clouded) . He didn't take his food yesterday evening and has stayed in his "cold hide" for 24 hours now. The temp is between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. He is also really quite skittish when we've held him the last couple of days so we left him all day today and he's just stayed in his cold hide.

Is he going to shed? If he is, why is he not going to his hot hide on top of the heat mat?

Basically what is going on with our new little friend and is he okay?

Thanks in advance!!

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