I have a dog I rescued 5 years ago, he is very skittish and nervous.

Last night he slipped on some ice, there didn't appear to be too much wrong with him last night but today he cant' put weight on his right rear leg.
I wanted to take him to the vet today but he cant' get in the car on his own and he's so nervous I can't lift him as he just trashes around which I fear will hurt him more. He is in discomfort.

I'm worried about him but can't touch him much as he's so nervous even with me. I tried to get the vet to come to the house but he can't today or tomorrow.
There doesn't seem to be swelling but I'm not sure, anyone have any suggestions?
Go to the vet and get the vet to give you a sedative for the dog to calm him down then you will be able to get the dog into the car. Bob