Thanks in advance for your help. We have 2 cats we adopted over 2 years ago. At the time they were 1 years old so now they are 3 years old. They have never had any health problems. About 6 weeks ago we adopted a puppy. The puppy is not violent towards the cats but he does chase them and it really scares one of the cats (however there are plenty of places for him to "get away"). 2-3 weeks ago we noticed that the scared cat pretty much stopped eating and starting to sleep alot. The other day it got so bad that he sat in one spot for 12 straight hours and we knew something was wrong and had to take him in to the vet. Initially they said he had anemia but needed to be further tested. Later that day they called back and said he had auto-immune disease or cancer. Today (they still have him), they called and said they don't know what is wrong and they recommend calling in another specialist and they had to keep him another night to give him steroids and fluids. The bill is already $700 and now they want more! I don't know what to do. Could he have developed anemia BECAUSE he was nervious/scared and stopped eating? I don't want to just bring him home and have him die but we can't afford to keep calling in "specialists" especially if they havent helped us at all. I would spend the money if it would lead to helping him but it doesnt seem like this is going anywhere. He's only 3 years old!! What can we do??
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Today we received some very upsetting news. We were informed the initial tests came back and he has acute leukemia and is going to die any day now. We brought him home and are just trying to make him comfortable. He still isn't eating much. I can't believe this he is only 3 years old Emotion: sad
Oh no that's so so sad! Very sorry to read you write this, I did not know there was such a thing as "acute" leukemia Emotion: sad He's so young! I feel for you, lots of hugs and prayers.
That's really sad
I had have my cat's eye removed because a cat attacked it .
well I hope he will live for a while
So sad. I thought leukemia is treatable?
Sounds like you gotca scam of a vet. Probably had anemia from lack of food and your vet charged to do testing he didn't need. An auto-immune disease or cancer, they're a vet the should know which it is, or if it is. I would find a new vet. In fact I wouldn't pa that bill, sounds bogus to me.
Separate the dog from him, or put him outside. It sounds more like he's been traumatized and starved. The vet sounds like they took advantage of your fear. Get a good vet, that vet sounds like they're scamming you.
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