Hello everyone.

I have about a year left before I have to move to another place (possible another country) where it will be difficult to keep a cat because of a number of circumstances.

Do you think it's a really bad idea if I adopt a cat now? I'm pretty much sure that will make me an obnoxious person to do something like that but I wonder if anyone here thinks it may have benefits for the cat. It's terrible to be like "Hey kitty welcome to a new home" and then "Sorry I have to go" putting it to another shelter. This feels disgusting and I know both we and the cat won't want to leave each other.

You prolly wonder why I'm posting this if I've answered all my questions myself. Frankly speaking I don't have an answer to this. I love cats and would be happy to adopt one but I can't do this knowing the situation. Perhaps someone can just tell me "you should do it because of X great reason" but I'm kind of skeptical.

I really need your HONEST opinions. If you think it's a heartless idea just give it to me straight. If you see any benefits for the cat tell me about them please.
I'm sorry, I know you want to hear that it's a good idea. I don't think it is. I think it would be horribly disruptive and possibly heartbreaking for a kitty to fall in love with you only to be given up in such a short time. And where would you give it away to? A shelter where it could possibly be euthanized? I'm not trying to be rude, please don't take it that way. But I couldn't do this myself.
Hi rairan,

I also think you had better not get a cat in these circumstances... But have you considered fostering? You could help some kitties get ready for a new home while you'd have companions as well. I don't know if fostering is possible in your location though.
I didn't think of that! That's an EXCELLENT idea! Perfect for both you and the fosters.
alfinnlay I only wanted to hear your honest opinions and I'm grateful for yours. You're not being rude at all.
Fostering! I can't believe this fell out of my thoughts! Maybe because I was focused on adopting an ADULT cat?
I'm grateful for your input and I feel so much better now. It seems I can both enjoy whiskered company and be useful for them too without breaking little kitties's hearts. I'll check what I can do. Thanks!!