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Shane, unneutered FWIW, has never gone belly up to anyone ever. He does "stand for inspection", however. Every time he ... dogs come and sniff his weinie. It's sort of like he's announding that His Nibs is here, come and see!


Pems, Aussie, and a Pug
*Remove shoes to reply*
he never goes belly up, not even to me. shelly (perfectly foul wench) and elliott and harriet http://home.bluemarble.net/~scouvrette

Sometimes it's submissiveness but also as he's tiny, he gets flipped over when the larger dogs stick their noses underneath. They don't do it deliberately , they're just over enthusiastic. It doesn't seem to put him off but he has trouble extracting himself from situations and I have to intervene.
Yes, it seems to be a fascination to other dogs. I assume there's acertain odor to an intact dog (or ... good onceover but she is much more thorough and makes two or three additional effortsat sniffing out the altered dogs.>>>

I think that must be it. The sniffing is certainly thorough . I don't think that Dibs has an anal gland problem that could attract them . I suppose that a speyed *** is not different from an entire *** .The only difference is when the entire *** is in season, whereas an entire male is different from a neutered male all the time, if that makes sense!
Hi Sarah,
Some Brit men can be funny about neutering their dogs and cats but I think the reason most male dogs aren't neutered is that people don't see the need, though perhaps that might changed in the future. I'm not against neutering but I don't remember having problems with walking male dogs , though I expect there were occasions that I've forgotten about . Judy was the most problematic dog I ever walked. Alison