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Wow. I'm sorry to hear that, Janet. It could be soo many things that I won't even hazard a guess. But good luck!

Thanks. I tried offering him a minute amount of water a bit ago, and he drank with gusto (it was ... my regular vet, unless something happens before then, as early tomorrow as they can see him. Janet Boss www.bestfriendsdogobedience.com

Sounds a bit like my murphy when she had pancreatitis, but as Jack said, it could be so many different things. Best of luck and I'll be waiting to hear how you are doing.
On 2007-09-03 16:27:27 -0400, Janet Boss
Franklin is a very sick dog right now

I'm so sorry to read this. I hope tomorrow is a better day for both of you.
Yesterday's Parade Magazine gave the following list of foods never to feed your pet: Alcohol Apple cores Avocado Bones Caffeine ... cheese, ham, mushrooms, potato peels and tuna? I'm especially curious bout the cheese. We've been wrapping Cubbe's meds in cheese.

And mushrooms, avacado and garlic (or is it the same as onions?)

This thread is the first time I've heard of that. ... the instructor recommended cheese (string cheese!) as a training treat.

The bacteria that create cheese eat lactose. The same thing occurs in yogurt and other milk cultures. Lactose intolerant folks ... type of milk products, but it's not because they are lactose intolerant. Usually it's because of a serious food allergy.

I'm lactose intolerant and I can eat MOST cheese and yogurt, except once in a blue moon.
I've seen string cheese used as a training treat as well. Many dog treats have cheese in them and dogs seem to love them.

We used "squeeze cheese" for flyball for quite sometime. Never a physical problem.

Yes, but is it really a dairy product?
Some dairy products, like yogurt and cheese, are cultured, so ... not the only one here who gives my dog mushrooms.

Maybe I'm tripping over the word "never." I realize that a dog is likely to survive a minute amount of ... small amounts as training treats and to aid giving pills. Cubbe is NOT underexercised and overweight. So where's the harm?

and NEVER to onions or garlic means that my dog could never lick out a bowl of stew. I know the danger of onions, but believe that a bit of onion leftover in a stew on occasion is probably not a danger.
What's up!?

Soft stool F/Sa, vomited dinner Saturday (was acting fine up to that point, but slow eating dinner). Vomited Sunday breakfast. ... one apple wouldn't do it and not the right symptoms. I'm pretty worried on a number of levels right now.

Was it a barium xray or a regular one?
A regular xray without barium may NOT show a blockage.

I'm hoping he's going to feel 100% better in the AM.
Thank you so much for this very useful tidbit. Although, i expect if I am ever lost in the arctic, that I will be food for the polar bear, and not vice versa.
Hows my liver?
I'll be rushing to my regular vet, unless something happens before then, as early tomorrow as they can see him.

Oh no! I hope Franklin is okay. I'm thinking good thoughts about him this morning.

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