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me vet

or even MY vet

Janet Boss
Fat - fat is essential to life. Sure, there are some types of fats that are better/worse than others, and an excessive amount isn't healthy, but a blanket prohibition?

You've got a point. If you never fed your dog any fat, it would be a very bad diet.
Yes, but is it really a dairy product?

Good point. They get real cheese pretty frequently too.

Tilt's (a jrt) handler rewards her with tiny pieces of string cheese bitten off from the main stick and passed mouth to mouth after Tilt runs up her leg and leaps into her arms.
It worked well enough until the day Sandy accidentally passed Tilt a wad of bubble gum instead of a piece of cheese.
Tilt says, "Fer crissakes, spit your gum out first, willya? Yuckers!"
The bacteria that create cheese eat lactose. The same thing ... lactose intolerant. Usually it's because of a serious food allergy.

I'm lactose intolerant and I can eat MOST cheese and yogurt, except once in a blue moon.

I am lactose intolerant and have been told that yogurt is only ok when it contains live active cultures. so, frozen yogurt is out as well as some of the non-frozen variety.