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thats right, be fair to them, and will always be! But not lecturing, you will do what you want, only ... or other nordic dogs, you dont want to take this method, that may be why most of you dont understand.

Most people I know who work their "nordic" dogs feed them two or three times/day, not whenever they get around to it.
Melinda Shore - Software longa, hardware brevis - (Email Removed)

The Bush administration is basing its tax policies on projected GDP growth of 4.4% while basing its Social Security arguments on 1.8% growth
Not to get into larger issues here, just one little point. To give a dog a bad experience near X is a way to communicate "Stay away from X" regardless of whether the dog ever saw X before or not.

i entirely disagree, if we show phisical dominance, then there is no need to feel that we are superior because we are teh one who controls the resources.

Please, for the love of god.

Marcel and Moogli
why did you assume i only feed them whenever i get around to it. Was it because that one message i said that i forgot to feed them? I feed my dogs every nite just after sundown or just before.
p.s. tell me more about your doggies!