Hey everyone, started a blog about my website and my Alex if you'd like to check it out!
http://ibdkitties.blogspot.com /
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I just read your blog Alfinnlay, you're good at this and I hope you keep at it Emotion: smile I'm happy to read that finally things are changing a little bit and people are becoming more aware, but yes it sounds like a big struggle! I'm sure Alex will gently guide you again very soon Emotion: smile
Thank you Janis, frankly I wasn't sure what to write about at all. So I figured why not write about my struggle to find my path. I'm hoping that by putting it out there to the universe, I'll find some answers soon. Emotion: smile
Hello alfinnlay I just read your blog post and it's so touching! I'm new and I can see that I have a lot of information waiting for me here. Nice to meet you and good luck on your jurney!
Very nice to meet you too Eena and welcome! This is a wonderful forum and very nice people. You'll love it here! Thank you so much and I'm so glad you read my blog. Always here to help if you ever need it. Emotion: smile
Great post alfinnlay!! I really enjoyed it and I know you will reach out to more and more people who will in return spread the word as well. Keep your head up x
Lauren, thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Emotion: wave
Let us know when you'll post there again Emotion: smile
I sure will! I have to think of another subject. I don't know how people blog constantly actually, my life is not exciting! Emotion: big smile
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