So I got 2 budgies but even though I've been reading about them a lot I'm still confused and have some questions.

1. Should I use cleaning products on their cage and stuff or not? The opinions about this differ so much up to being contrary and I've failed to understand which way is right.

2. How do I know the gender of my budgies? They're about a year old.

3. If you have special tips about caring for and training these critters please share. Emotion: it wasnt me

I'll post more questions when I have them if you don't mind.Thanks a bunch.!!
1. When I clean my cockatoo's cage, I just take all of the toys and bowls out of it and bring it outside and hose it off. I use a scrub brush or a sponge to rub off dried gunk and maybe a little soap if it's stinky. I wouldn't recommend cleaning products made for houses, but they make special bird-friendly cleaners.

2. Look at the little bump on the top of the beak, where the nostrils are. This is the cere. Male budgies have bright blue or purple ceres, while females have dull, tan or pinkish ones.
You could also watch and listen to them. Males are more friendly and outgoing than females. Males also sing more, and females make more aggressive noises.

3. Give them toys and make sure they don't get bored or stressed!
Many thanks!! I think I got 2 males. Will it be okay to keep them in the same cage or they'll get territorial? Should they eat from the same or different feeders?
They could get territorial, but they might be fine. If they start to fight or show aggression towards each other, then you should put them in different cages. Different feeders is also a good idea..