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Two weeks ago I brought home another cat (DMS 2 year old female named Bette) to be a companion to my DMS 2 year female Belle. Belle is also 17 lbs and much larger than the petite Bette Belle is laid back and ready to make friends. . Bette however keeps hissing at her. Neither have attacked each other. I have separated them most of the time in two separate rooms - mainly because Bette is getting over the cat flu (taking Antibiotics). The door has a gap under it where Belle plays pawsy. I have let Bette come out occasionally now that she is better. Both mostly just look at each other when Bette is not hissing at Belle when she trys to approach her.

How long will it take for them to quit this behavior? One reason we got a another cat so Belle would have a friend to play with. If this cat doesn't become friends with Belle soon, my husband want to take her back to the SPCA where whe got Bette. Any comments or suggestions?

Over the years I've found that as long as the cats aren't actually hurting each other. Put them together and let them solve dominance issues one their own.

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