Hi everyone,

This may seem a bit random, and I have posted similar things on here recently but bear with me. I'm working at a TV production company called Maverick and we're developing a new show about animals for a prime time slot on Channel 4.

We're on the lookout for any unusual cases, be it behavioural or medical, in all sorts of animals.

In particular we'd like to highlight the risks cats and dogs have with regards to getting sunburnt (and possibly causing skin cancer). Does anyone on this board have or know of a cat (or a dog, or any other animal at that matter!) who is susceptible to sun burn? If so please contact us on <please add the details to your profile, thanks!> or email us at <please add the e-mail to your profile, thanks!>

Many thanks,

Hey Tom, thanks for posting this! I can't help you though because my cat is not of that type, but I hope someone will pop up. Emotion: smile By the way, it is better to put your contact details in your profile - a better way for people to get in touch with you, i.e. when the details are right under your name.
Hello, Tom,

We've shared this on Facebook, good luck finding someone! Emotion: shake hands
What country are you in?
Thanks everyone for the replies!! We're making it for the UK, in the UK!