Hi all,Just thought I would share that we brought the little Dane home yesterday, 8 weeks old. She's a real joy. I haven't had a lot of opportunity to be around Danes in many years, so it was a lot of fun when we were taken out into the breeder's backyard and mobbed by three happy adults and six happy six-month-olds. All of them were as well-behaved and loving as any Dane I've ever met. One of the adults was this one's mother, and a more perfect temperament we could not have asked for.

Our little one we are calling Saskia. She's a fawn. She is already displaying quite a number of Dane characteristics like an easygoing nature, quick learning, sleeping, and laying her muzzle gently across the nearest human body part. She still gets scared now and then, but after only 12 hours here she has adjusted phenomenally well and has settled right in. She wags at us a lot. The cat is getting used to her already, as well. Being from a good breeder, she came with a certificate of good lungs and heart, her pedigree quite a ways back showing no hip dysplasia, a bunch of food, a small wooden Great Dane, some brochures about the food the breeder recommends, a leash, and she's already microchipped.
The weather is a bit nippy today... since it's not freezing or anything, I hope I can still take her out for five minutes or so when she has to pee? I guess it's about 11 C, or 51 F, out there. She's picked a spot in the kitchen, and I'd really rather she got the hang of the yard as soon as possible. The house itself is quite warm.

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