Well, a few months ago, my cat Nibbler vanished. We do not know what happened to him. And we were only like a day from getting him fixed. He left the house Sunday afternoon and just never came back. Well, after about a month or so, I decided on getting a new dog. She's still a puppy and a bit hyper but she is really good with our other animals...too bad they don't like her. We're actually getting rid of our male Chi because he keeps jumping on her for no reason. He did it this morning while I was on the floor with the baby and came close to biting my son...that was the tipping point for me. Now, when I say get rid of, I do mean re-homing of course. If all else fails, we'll take him to the shelter near where we live. It's a no kill shelter and I am sure he will do better in a home with maybe not so many animals.
Cool. What's your question?
No question really. Though, i wouldn't mind knowing why my smaller male dog is acting so aggressive towards her...but I suspect it is because she is so much bigger than he is. He doesn't jump on her nearly as often when they are outside...it's mostly when they are all together in the kitchen. I hate to get rid of him but I just can't risk the chance that he will accidentally bite my 10 month old while trying to jump on her!
Sounds like you're in a bad position, yes. But I would try to work on the dog for a while because he does seem threatened by your baby and I'm sure there's a way around that such as some professional dog behavior advice. Or can you keep them apart till the baby is older and bigger while the baby is on the floor?
Well, we decided against re-homing him. At this point, we are just trying to keep the two dogs separated. And he ISN'T aggressive towards the baby. I'm thinking maybe Diego, the male dog, is just jealous maybe? Cause he is fine towards the baby. He doesn't particularly care for the baby, mostly just avoids him, but he isn't aggressive. I'm just worried that Diego is going to go after the bigger dog while the baby is crawling or working on his walking and is going to either knock him over or accidentally bite him. I know Diego would never bite the baby on purpose. But I have had the baby in my lap while petting the bigger dog, Bear, and Diego will come up on the other side of me and start growling or get behind Bear and start growling.
I really hope you did not rehome the dog due to his aggression, and I strongly suggest investing in some obedience training classes at least for the puppy because she *is* hyper and that kind of insane energy is enough to put any other animal off.