I have recently married and in a month, my husband and I are moving in together in a new apartment, in an area new to both of us - a new country for me. The apartment has balconies and a garden. It's one floor up, on a quiet, tree-lined street. My husband has two indoor cats of 7 and 8. I have an indoor/outdoor cat of 3 (a black Turkish Angora, non pedigree). We want to keep our cats as they are - that is, Zoë and Voodoo indoors, and Félicie as an indoor/outdoor cat, after an initial period of keeping her in when we first move This is not either a first move for any of the cats. In Félicie's case, I plan to keep her in 2 weeks before letting her out, if I can (she is a mistress-escapologist).

What advice would you have to manage this - moving in with three cats only two of which know each other, in a territory new to them all, and crucially, the fact that one can have access to the outdoors while the other two cannot? Are there specific owner behaviours that my husband and I must adopt? Any electronic gadgets that help? My Félicie doesn't take easily to collars, alas, but she is microchipped. We are also planning on installing screens around the apartment so we can keep doors and windows open in summer while protecting the indoor cats.

A lot of issues there, I realise - many thanks for reading and advising on them as you are able.

Hi Sophie! Welcome to the site!

I have no experience with keeping indoor/outdoor cats together but I don't think there should be any problems if you protect the indoor ones from escaping. Does Félicie get on well with the other two now? How long have they been living together already?

I guess the fact they are going to be on a completely new territory for them all is good because no one will consider the other cat(s) to be "invader(s)", if you know what I mean.

But as I said I've never kept indoor/outdoor cats together, so I hope someone more experienced will help you better. Emotion: smile
in fact i'm not sure why you're seeing so many probs with it. first of all it sounds like they're already getting along quite well and besides they already have had an experience of moving and changing their surroundigns. you've already done well microchipping félicie. if you think the other two will try to escape seeing félicie going in and out and if you don't want them to escape, just make sure the screens are always in place and well set up. are your cats all neutered? i don't think there'll be any probs.