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I just got my kitten she's is playful and loves to bite so any advice about her biting and scratching????
Well my mom and I just got .are kittin and she would not stop crying but after we all ignored her she stoped crying but she can see her mom cuz we got her from my grandmother

A kitten only 4 weeks old lost its mother and sibling.Its mother died and it's brother was taken now I have it and it never stops crying or calling for its mother it drinks a little house milk and starts meowing

So I have three cats friendly my dog is friendly and I just got a new kitten cuz it had nowhere to go and it has not stopped crying since I brought it home it follows me everywhere it has heavy separation anxiety what can I do to get it to stop crying? Please help
Thank you for the advise I just got 2 kittens and one is quiet and isn't looking for mom but the other one keeps meowing over and over
So I just got a kitten and she would not stop crying and she is 8 weeks old but the way to stop make her cry is to not gave her that much attention but still gave her hugs and pet her and if she stop crying then gave her more attention.
So I got a little kitter and she wont stop crying, is it good to ignore her? My heart breaks when I do Emotion: sad

I am facing the same problem. The kitten is crying constantly for its mother. I don't know how old she is. Someone left her near my home and I took her in as its raining heavily outside. Hope I can fix her crying though its really heartbreaking to hear it.