Hi everyone! Yesterday we at last got our Scottish Fold kitten! She's a heart melting ball of fur and everyone fell for her immediately. The only problem is that she won't stop meowing as if she's looking for her mom and litter mates. This is heart breaking to watch. We know it's natural because they have emotions too but is there anything we can do to help her adapt? We've been letting her explore the surroundings and since she barely knows us we don't pick her up very often so she's not overly stressed. Are we doing it right? Maybe we need to cuddle with her more even though we're strangers in her eyes?
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What age is she? I hope she's over 8 weeks because they shouldn't be separated from mother earlier. 12 weeks is thought to be the best age. If she's younger she most probably needs the warmth of her mom and siblings. Since you're her mom now, you should provide her with a comfortable and cozy place to sleep in that would remind her of proximity of her family. Take a warm blanket or a towel and place it in her bed making a "nest" out of it so she feels protected. Give her as many cuddles as she wants but don't be too pushy. If she tries to escape when you come closer, let her get used to you and come to you when she's ready.
If she's over 12 weeks of age she basically wants the same and my recommendations would be the same, but it should take her less time to get settled in her new home.

Congrats on your new family member. Emotion: smile
Scottish Fold kittens are so cute! I hope she gets used to your home soon and stops crying. Lauren has very good advice! When I got Miky he stopped meowing after a day or two, I cannot remember well. I was giving him lots of attention and play time to make his adaptation better. I would never try to stay away from such a tiny creature but support him if my presence doesn't scare him! If she's afraid of everything (which I hope she's not!) go slowly but keep showing your care and affection.
The kitten should be in a small area preferably a small bathroom. set up a hiding place with a pillow and warm blankets, the litter box should be close. Usually staying in a big room alone will make them stressed plus it will be harder for them to find the litter box so. Keep her in a small room the first week or so and then slowly let her out. In my opinion it's best to ignore the crying. I got my kitten when he was 3 weeks old and I made the mistake of giving in and letting him cuddle in my shirt 24\7 that's the only thing that would make him stop crying. he would do it until he was too big to fit but till this day he will come and sleep in my sweatshirt if its big enough to fit the both of us. that made him too dependent on me that it's hard for him to socialize with other people and I really regret not ignoring his behavior. If like Lauren said she is over 8 weeks her mother would have probably already started to reject her and ignore her cry's that's the only way she can be independent and it's very important. She does need a lot of attention and love but that should be given once she stops crying that way she'll learn that when she's quiet she gets attention and when she crys she doesn't! she will stop crying after a day or two once she realizes that Emotion: smile
Ave got a kitten off my friend but I think its under 12 weeks old he looks no more than 7 weeks old
What works wonders for my kitty cat was the following: I searched on youtube for"purring cat" and I played that. As soon as the kitten heard that he came out from hiding and started to purr. It was helpful...
Thank you so much for posting this! Finally we might get a decent night's sleepEmotion: big smile
my kitten is only a few months old and she lost her siblings and her mom is wondering out side and she is going crazy....................
She could be anxious about something or may be she is sick. It's good to have her checked by a vet.
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