Hi! I hope someone can help me with this. I have a 4year old female cat and an adopted 3month male kitten (he has been a month with us). Willow (4 year old) accepted voodoo right away, and sometimes she tries to give him a bath, like if she was her mother, but Voodoo doesn't let her, he starts hissing and trying to bite her. The rest of the time Voodoo acts like if Willow wasn't there, he shows no interest at all, even when Willow tries to play with him, is the same thing again.
I'm afraid this behaviour will upset Willow, she has started to behave angry towards me and yesterday she didn't ate until I gave her the food with my hand.
What can I do to encourage the new kitten to accept Willow? This is the first time this happens to me, usually is the other way around.
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I have very similar circumstances, I have a 4 year old blue Russian male whose the best cat ever! Sweet friendly and cuddly, I just brought home a 12 week old Bengal kitten female and she is the same way but not toward each other. They seem to be making improvements, my older cat hates her when she first got here but through positive association he knows whenever he sees her he gets treats! I've been so worried about him liking her, now it's kind of the opposite. I will say they have been face to face without the kennel and no fights yet, a few hisses from my girl but altogether not to bad. It's been exactly a week now and hoping things cool off soon because I hate leaving the kitten in the guest room by herself at night. I hope everything worked out in everyone else's situation!!
Im having the same issue. My 16 week old boy cat just wants to play with my 12 week old girl cat and she just walk around hissing and growling. Not really sure what to do.

I’m having the same exact problems right now and I’m so scared the new kitten isn’t going to warm up to my 3 year old male… did your cats end up getting along?

i am currently having the same problem. have things gotten better?