Well, my mustached parrot came home yesterday! We are probably going to name him/her "Cisco." He has yet to make any sounds, LOL, but I am sure this will change eventually. He seems to be settling in well, but I have one question: he won't take food treats from our hands.

He seems to enjoy being picked up and talked to, and he also likes sitting on our shoulders and climbing on heads. But I've tried to offer him fruit bits, peanuts, veggies, etc. and he just leans away and seems uneasy. My old conure was such a food beggar: he just knew that any "people food" should be his treat, too. So, I am a bit puzzled.

I was looking forward to bonding with my little guy over food treats. Does anyone have any suggestions for encouraging "hand" feeding?

- Lisa in Central Coast, CA
Just wanted to find out about hand-feeding ideas, you flaming jerk. PLONK.
- Lisa
Lisa, save the attitude and foul language ZQ is right . Give him/her time. It may or may not come around in its own time. 1 day is way to short a time to worry about.