We have a new puppy. He was the littlest of the bunch but definitely not delayed in smarts Emotion: smile We have a fairly large house and started out being confined to the uncarpeted kitchen and family rooms. He had a few accidents but then picked a door that he chose to go to the bathroom at. Since the area outside this door is unsafe for such a little guy I decided to put down a wee wee pad and work with him. He gets praise and has not gone elsewhere since. Since he was doing so good I decided to open up the small, carpeted computer/office/catch all room to him. He loved it - that was where he would go to nap and play and I could get some work done. It's not a cluttered area at all. He quicly started peing in there in a particular spot so I would clean the area and finally decided to put a wee wee pad there. He took the wee wee pad away and after that battle ended he started going where the pad wasn't. He's 9 weeks old now, stays in his crate from about 9 p.m. to 4 or 5 a.m. with no problem nor urgency when I let him out but he does do everything at that time. During the day he goes out alot plus, as long as he's not on carpet, he'll use his wee wee pad. Is he just too little to have such a big area right now? Since it's carpet he can sneak a pee because it's so quiet. The cat (about 7yrs) is usually in that room - could he be trying to show dominance in his own little way? Thanks
Hi Nancy and welcome Emotion: smile

I don't think it's got anything to do with the area you're giving him. What breed is your puppy? And how often do you take him out?
Small breeds and puppies need to go out much more often to pee.
And what do you do when you catch him pee? Or does he manage to do it "behind your back"?

Looking forward to hearing more.
Hi - he's a lab. We take him out at least 5 or 6 times a day - his naps are usually 2 - 3 hour long. He does it behind my back most times. I just tell him wee wee pad or he needs to go potty outside because he's usually near me while I'm cleaning it up. If I catch him I pick him up and bring him outside and , of course he doesn't have to pee anymore Emotion: smile I started giving him itty bitty treats when he pees or poops outside which has both surprised and delighted him but it's not quite caught on yet because I have to chase him to give it to him Emotion: smile