Hello! I want to buy a new puppy but we already have a dog and I'm not sure if they'll get along well. I've even written up a list of for and against factors but still can't decide.
- I want a small active dog such as Dachshund
- my son wants a small dog very much, too
- right now I've got enough time for raising a new puppy
- We have enough space for a new dog
- we already have a 10 year old Labrador
- he has heart problems and dealing with an active new dog can be too much stress for him
Please help me! Has anyone had a similar situation?
Labradors are usually pretty good at getting along with other animals, but I would suggest that you bring him along to help you in the process of choosing a new friend and companion for him. If he doesn't find a dog that he can get along with, then don't get another dog right now.

Having him along will also help you to gauge how he will respond and react with a young puppy in the house. Labradors are also pretty good at nurturing a puppy rather than wanting to play with it. If he decides that he wants to love and nurture a puppy, then go ahead and get one.

On the other hand, if he wants to run and play, then I would caution against it because of his heart condition. In this instance I would suggest a slightly older dog ... around 3 or 4 is usually a good age for a much calmer dog.
Thank you. I guess I should really take him along to the shelter and see if there are any dogs he likes.
You're very welcome. Let us know how it goes.