Hi! We bought a Retriever puppy several days ago, he is 45 days old. I've already read a lot about dogs but still have some questions and I hope someone will help me.

- We'd like to bathe him with a pet shampoo so that he's clean but the breeder said he's yet too small for this. If so, at what age can we start bathing him?

- The breeder was feeding him dry food but I don't really want to continue it. Can I switch him to natural food? Won't it have a negative impact on his health?

- I'd also want the pup to sleep in a certain, "his", place in the house. But when we tried to leave him there he began to cry really loudly. Is it because this is his first day in our house? He sleeps on the floor near our bed now. I'd really want to train him to sleep in his place.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Give the pup a few days to get used to the new surroundings. I wouldn't make too many changes at once, that may cause more stress.

1) Does he really smell so much? As I said, I'd wait till he adapts to the new home.

2) Natural food is of course better than dry but again, switching cannot be done all of a sudden. If he eats the dry food with a good appetite, don't change it right now. Later you can start adding some natural food to his regular dry diet so that the switching process goes gradually.

3) As above. Give him some time to get to know the house. In a few days you can start setting rules of what is and what is not allowed.