Hello everyone,

My organization, WTPNetwork™, has just launched a brand new social networking site that is better than facebook. It's free to join and free to set up a group to interact with your friends.

How it's better is that we will NOT sell your information to the highest bidder, we have a Marketplace where you can buy and sell your items, and also live video and voice chat. Some of these extra features will be premiums that you have to pay a nominal fee to use, but most will be free. There are many more exciting changes coming in the future as we grow the site.

Come, check it out, sign up for a free account and look me up. LynnN. Request my friendship, if you like. Emotion: smile


Is it obligatory to use my real name there like on Facebook?

You use your real name (private) for registration, and then you can edit your screen name that everyone sees to be something entirely different.
I hope tonight I will have some time to look into it, thanks JustaBrat! By the way I didn't know your work for any sort of online business!
Yes, my friend and I partnered up to start this website because we are fed up with facebook Emotion: hmm selling all of our information to the highest bidder, and also sharing everything we say and do with the See-Eye-Ay and the Eff-Bee-Eye. Emotion: hmm
Do they actually sell the info? I've always suspected that but honestly I was never sure it was true. In any case, "don't share anything that you'd not want to become public" has always been my motto in the internet, especially on those social networking sites. Emotion: bandit
Yes, they do sell your info to their advertisers. That's how the advertisers know who to show certain ads to. Not only that, but everything you say and do on FB is recorded and shared with government agencies. Our site is secure, and NO agencies have access. We've already had two separate attacks where someone tried to break in, and both were immediately knocked offline and blocked so they can't try again. Emotion: yes Emotion: muscle Emotion: big smile
Sorry I am on no social networks. But Facebook is a huge conceited dinosaur, good luck beating him!
Thanks sherlok11. I understand not wanting to get involved in the social aspect of the site, however, if you bookmark it we will also be having a news page, videos and radio blogs. I'm hoping that once people discover that our site won't share their information, that they'll make the jump. I don't know if we'll ever get big enough to beat facebook, but I'm sure hoping so! Emotion: smile