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Am I right in assuming by this post that I ... this was a 'mixed bunch' here, but now I wonder.

No, me, Chloe (Mistress of Dragonz) Julian, Grainne and a few more arefrom the UK. Where abouts are you and ... inspiration for the ways That I'll never ever choose to be ,Oh so many ways for me to show you.

Oh, good - thanks for the reply Emotion: smile
I'm in Suffolk (ooh arr) and I have a red tail boa & cornsnake. I have kept kings, bullsnake, Burmese, Royal pythons & garters. Also Amievas (sp?) temporarily & bearded dragon. Most of which have been rescues in some form or other & only temporary.
Tell like!

emoticon. Emotion: smile fr0glet (Pacific Northwest US)

NP, I wasn't offended or anything, just wondered if I was the only one here from UK Emotion: smile Thanks for the reply!
The common names applied to the 3 short-tailed species often overlap in the pet trade. I think the following, which I've seen proposed and followed
by others, offers the most accurate and least confusing nomenclature.

Blood python - Python brongersmai
Borneo short-tailed python - Python breitensteini
Sumatran short-tailed python (Black Short tailed) - Python curtus

Note that P. brongersmai is located mainly in Malaysia, with some located in and around Sumatra.
P. breitensteini is located only on the Island of Borneo. P. curtus is located only in Sumatra.
With regard to a source raising the 3 short-tailed varieties to species status,
Keogh, Barker, and Shiner published a paper in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, May 2001, vol. 73, no. 1, pp. 113-129(17) titled "Heavily exploited but poorly known: systematics and biogeography of commercially harvested pythons (Python curtus group) in Southeast Asia"

The Abstract is quoted below:"More than 100,000 blood pythons (brongersmai) and short-tailed pythons (curtus and breitensteini ) are taken from Borneo and Sumatra each year for the commercial leather trade. Traditionally, all have been treated as a single polytypic species (Python curtus), with three subspecies differing in colour, size and geographic distribution. Analyses of DNA sequences and morphological data clarify the phylogenetic relationships, taxonomy and biogeography of this group.

The lineage is monophyletic, and each of the three subspecies differs from the other two both morphologically and genetically. Given the morphological and genetic distinctiveness of each taxon, we here elevate the three subspecies to full species status. Python brongersmai is the most distinctive in terms of colour (of the three, only brongersmai has colour-morphs that are red or orange), size (it grows to 2.6 m, vs. approx. 2.0 m for the other taxa), and scalation (e.g.brongersmai has >166 ventral scales, vs.

brongersmai ). Sea-level fluctuations provide a plausible biogeographic scenario to explain phylogenetic divergence within this lineage. Given the distinctiveness of the component taxa, and the ease with which even dried skins can be identified to species level (based on ventral counts), the managers of this important commercial resource should no longer treat the P. curtus group as a single biological taxon.
Copyright 2001 The Linnean Society of London"
Below is a link to the complete paper in .pdf format. http://www.bio.usyd.edu.au/Shinelab/shine/reprints/295heavilyexploited.pdf

To Email me remove All doubt.
I had 33 baby Borneo short-tails (Python curtus brietensteini) hatch out yesterday.

How much for a baby??? Would you ship?
The first to be added to my collection is a ... debates, is how they are referred to in the UK/Europe!!!

Well, HARUMPH!! That terminology is frowned upon in US herping! Tell those crazies across the pond they can call them whatever they like!

The first time I saw them, for sale by an American at a Texas herp show, they were labeled Borneo Blood Pythons.
I had 33 baby Borneo short-tails (Python curtus brietensteini) hatch out yesterday.

How much for a baby??? Would you ship? Roger

I'm asking $100.00 each or 2 for $180.00. I do ship via Airborne Express & Delta Dash. I offer a live arrival guarantee. Thanks for your interest in my animals! snake lady
Anyone with a penchant for Greyhounds gets a bonus fifty stars in whatever Heaven you believe in, automatically.
Ernie or not. We can't pick our parents or where we're born or our names.
Actually, we CAN change our names, just not the rest.

Good girl Chloe. I missed you.

Wendy, you don't ship door to door, do you?

Wendy, you don't ship door to door, do you? Barbara

Yes Airborne Express is indeed a door to door service. snake lady
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