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Shh.. don't tell my husband Emotion: wink I couldn't resist, I bought the striped kingsnake from my work. He's the little guy who settled me down after the incident with the molesting freight driver. I love this snake! Already has a mellow temperament... my first kingsnake!

Heh heh, kingsnakes rule (I know, this post is late. I haven't been able to log onto this account which I read my news from in days).

Easy guys. I really still don't understand why people recomend cornsnakes over them. My king has to be one of the easiest snakes to take care of, sheds easy, good temperment, very hardy.
Though I do have to admit, I do like the shape of ratsnakes over kingsnakes (kingsnakes heads just blend in with their body).
http://www.fr0glet.org/pix/pets/snakes/king/page 01.htm

Neat Emotion: smile

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