I got a new torti kitten over the weekend. She's 7 mo old and oh so cute. Emotion: smile

I've been doing some reading on the torti temperament and I'm a bit worried. We got Stella to replace an incredibly laid back black and white DLH. With the old kitty, my 7 year old could pick her and drag her around and she would not react. Never once scratched my daughter or even made an effort to.

So, when we first saw Stella, I was immediately struck by how "lovey" she was. This kitty cannot get enough of you loving on her and she loves to come up and rub on you-- the more affection, the better. And when my daughter picked her up yesterday and slung Stella over her shoulder, Stella just went along for the ride, only letting out a soft meow. Because of this, she seemed like the old kitty--- very laid back, sweet, willing to take the "love" that my daughter will give her.

Do I need to be terrified that Stella will change and become and mean ol' cat that attacks at the drop of a hat? Or can I kind of be relaxed in knowing that not all tortis have this unpleasant disposition?
Hello Devon!

I am convinced coat colour and pattern have nothing to do with temperament! They say red cats are fiery and unpredictable but Miky (you can see him on my avatar) is not that kind at all. He can be playful and naughty, yes, but he's a sweetie overall who loves to snuggle up to me and purr. Emotion: love Do not believe the stereotypes that say black cats bring bad luck, tortie cats are mean, red cats are fiery, and white cats are laidback. To me personally it is the same nonsense as to say all people with dark hair have also a dark heart.
Hi Devon, welcome to the community! I too believe that you should trust your eyes rather than stereotypes! Emotion: smile Don't be terrified of something that may never happen, enjoy the moment instead. Are you going to neuter her, or is she already neutered?
When I was a kid we had a tortoiseshell cat. She was one of the most affectionate and mellow cats I've ever had.
Hi Devon!
Congratulations on your new kitty! I agree with what has been said. Be relaxed. Emotion: smile
Yes, she is spayed. She was just recently spayed by the Humane Society (within the past month). I only know because the fur on her tummy still has that shaved look...lol.

Two days in now and she is still so sweet. Full of all that crazy energy you expect a young kitty to have, but she LOVES to snuggle up with me every night to sleep and she lets my daughter carry her around with only letting out an occasional little squeak. She hasn't tried to scratch either of us yet. She's softly nibbled while loving on my hand a couple of times, but nothing that has made me draw back. So far, seems that stereotype is just that! Emotion: smile
Thanks to everyone who replied!