Hi. I got a new cat through the week, wednesday, from a cat rescue place. They told me she was loving. She is 3 years old. When i got her in the flat she instantly seemed calm and was roaming about, coming for strokes and even climbing on my knee. She also went straight up to my girlfriend when she came round to meet her and enjoyed her stroking her. She ate her food and used the litter tray within a few hours and when i went to bed she slept next to me on a blanket, cuddling up. The next day she was roaming restlessly, sitting in the wardrobe and only coming near me when she wanted food. A couple of times she sat on my lap but only for a few seconds. And yesterday was the same but she seemed even less interested in attention. In the evening I got her a play set and one of them sticks with a ball thingy on the end of it. She enjoys playing with the stuff and seems to be comfortable and feel safe around me, but she rarely seems to be interested in me stroking her or coming and sitting with me. Most of the time shes climbing round things, getting stuck in small spaces, sniffing around and looking out of the window.

Anyway I was wondering if this was normal and will she get more loving towards me. At the moment it seems like she isnt too fond of me but they told me at the rescue place she was loving and laid back. Im afraid that if we dont bond soon she might stay like this and i asked for a cat who liked to be cuddly specifically and im just hoping this is normal behaviour

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Hi anon,

I think it's a normal behaviour considering that you got her recently. She's just exploring the new environment. On the first day she may have been more "loving", as you say, because the place was totally new and she felt safer when you were beside. Now that she has realized she's in safety, she has started to explore her new domain. I believe she will become more cuddly again when she's "done" with that. Just keep on treating her well. Emotion: smile

When cats are busy with something, they will hardly show you affection. For example, when we used to take ours to a village for summer, he got busy exploring the unknown environment right away and nothing could distract him, even his favourite treats! But when he's relaxed and in a known place, he cuddles gladly.
Thanks for your reply. I thought id just register instead.

Think you could be right. Should I just leave her to it and eventually you think she ll come round to it?
Hi again wadey, welcome to the community! Emotion: smile

Yeah, I think so. She just needs some time to get used to the new home. Let things go natural. I'm not sure though to what extent you want her to be cuddly because all cats have an independent streak. It can be weaker or stronger, but it's in their nature anyway. At times they just won't pay attention to us because they do not want it, hehe. At other times, however, they'll want all your attention while you're obviously busy, lol (here's my cat's example ). Well, cats! I love them anyway. [Luv]

P.S. The kitty on your avatar, is it she? Sweetie!
Yeah that's her on the her second day. Likes sitting on the bed. Shes very cute

I suppose Im basing it on my Gfs cat who is 15 and always likes to sit with me all the time and wants attention from me constantly. happy to give it though cos he's a lovely old cat. I guess I'm being a bit naive and comparing her to him, which is daft really seeing as shes only been around for three days.
Every cat is different, indeed. I'd suggest that you simply enjoy yours the way she is. Emotion: smile Besides, older cats usually tend to be more cuddly. Even my Barsik has changed quite a lot... He's 16 years old (turning 17 this year wow!), and he's become quite a lap cat compared to what he was before. Now he sleeps most of the time and sits on mom's lap, she is "his favourite lap" hehe. He didn't do it before so often... and when mom's lap is occupied, he becomes rather persistent to get what he wants as you can see in the video above that I linked to. Emotion: giggle
17!! Wow.
I find it interesting that those who have clingy cats complain about them being clingy and those who have independent cats want them to become more clingy. Emotion: smile
I agree with Ruslana, your kitty needs some time to get used to the new surroundings. But even if she keeps being a bit independent in the future, that won't mean she doesn't love you!

Welcome to the forum!
Thank you. Starting to feel a bit better about it now.
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