Hello everyone, I need some ideas on how to talk my friend out of getting a Doberman as her first dog. She LOVES this breed and I can understand that but I am convinced one should never get a Dobbie as the first dog, for everyone's safety and sanity. It's a beautiful breed but it requires an owner who knows the dog's mind, instincts and needs. My friend is 22 y.o. and she's kind of a pink glassed girl. I KNOW she won't manage the breed's temperament. I've tried to speak with her about it but she just won't listen. Is there anything else I can do? I am perhaps over reacting but she's my best friend and I wish her the best!
I wouldn't try and go against her with this, what I would try to do is work with her, for starters she needs to know the basic stuff about dog behavior and I think maybe going to volunteer at a shelter walking and working with the dog trainers over there could gain her a lot of knowledge about dog's in general which is a thing she needs to know no matter what breed she is getting. second I would go and print out all the info you can find about the breed she needs to know EVERY LITTLE DETAIL really anything you could find and let her research it also get articles about general dog stuff, health, training, nutrition everything you could think of and just educate her, she needs to understand that this is going to be something that will stay with her for 15-20 years and this is a big decision to make this easily. I would also go visit breeders or just generally people who have them just to have her interact with the breed and learn them a bit more I would also maybe talk her into taking an older dog, maybe not an 8 year old but maybe a 6 month old that is pretty much developed his personality to make it easier on her.

I personally have been kind of obsessed with the Sphynx cat breed since the first time I saw it, And I was pretty young I was about maybe 16 and it was never something I thought I would really get maybe only when I was really old and had a family lol but I spent a lot of time researching the breed (and other breeds I like) and I could literally tell you every little detail you want to know about the breed off the top of my head. And I have grown up with cats I got my first cat (that was actually mine I did have cat's that were "mine" when I was younger but of course I wasn't really in charge) but he was a Russian blue that I picked up off the street and he was such an easy cat all I had to do was feed him so when I got a Sphynx it was a really new thing for me and the breeds are total opposites and it is not a breed I would recommend for anyone that doesn't know what they were doing but you know what I knew everything that I needed to know from his health to his diet to his skin and hygiene to their crazy behavior I actually found myself explaining stuff about the breed to our vet because she had no experience with the breed and he grew up to be an amazing smart healthy little fella, so researching and learning as much as you can and visiting breeders interacting with the breed and just doing everything you can to know what you're doing and educating yourself is a very smart thing to do and that is the right thing to do, its a commitment and you have to think that if the dog is not well behaved if you are frustrated with him all the time and you don't know what you're doing at the end of the day he's going to be the one suffering and if she decides she can't handle him and she made a wrong choice again it's going to be him in pain and he should be at the top of her mind all the time.

That was really long but I really hope it helps I know how frustrating it may be for you but just try to stand by her with this, the last thing you want to do is go against her, then you can't do anything about it, just go with her and do it with her the right way and everything will be fine (she may even decide it's not for her and she want's to wait with it, you never know!) Emotion: smile.
Ha! What a turn. This totally escaped me. I probably didn't think of this way because she's seriously rushing things and I'm all like OMG this needs to be stopped! I'll try to speak with her in this different approach. If I myself had some experience with such breeds I wouldn't be so worried because I'd know I could help her but the largest dog I've ever had was a Poodle and he was never really my dog. I was too small when we had him, he passed when I was 7. Well anyhow thanks VERY much for the idea! I hope that works (and still hope she'll rethink this all after a while!).
well I think it would help if you also research it if she is still rushing into it and not listening at least she'll have someone who did their research and might be able to help! I hope everything goes alright though Emotion: smile
Getting another breed would mean learning about it too, you can't get dogs like toys not knowing anything about their training and care, so I wholly agree with what Joleen Cohen said.