my little snakey baby wont eat! ordos does but no interest from verdelt at all! when we rescued them we was told they had eaten 2 weeks before so it was feeding time and we got them a mouse each ordos gobbled hers/his up in no time but after hours nothing from verdelet and ordos ended up eating that one too. now feeding times have come and gone and nothing! i have done loads of reserch even been to the reptile pet shop to ask for tips but they couldnt tell us anything i havent already tried. at first we guessed it was because she/he was shedding but thats done with now so its something else.ive tried feeding at night when its dark,after having the fogger on for a while as she/he seems much more relaxed,ive tried feeding out of the tank,spreying with water ect all the tips i have found and nothing and im so worried i was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks? personaly i get the feeling its scared of the mouse so we are going to try pre dead ones next but if that doesnt work any advice will be gratefully recieved. obvoisly we asked when getting them if they eat live or dead and any troubles as we was told live and they eat fine but as he wasnt looking after them i cant really trust that info i think he must have been bitten by one once or something...
I can just imagine the frustration Emotion: sad

Yes try a dead mouse and see how that goes, let's hope it's just that he's a bit scared of them and possibly got bitten. If that doesn't work we'll brainstorm some more.

Btw pinkies didn't work?
no he seems so uniterested they can junp around all over him on his head and he doenst move he tries to get away and if it gets to close he hides his head under the rest of him im not an expert or anything but to me that seems like its scared. i figured either the guy we rescued them off lied and didnt give him live so he doesnt know what to do or one bit/scratched him too much. i will let you know if he eats a dead one, fingers crossed!
hahaha the snake has shown me up and has now eaten! live and dead i gave it both to pick from! not sure if it ate the dead first and then felt brave enough to go for live? but i think it just got fed up of being locked up with a mouse every day!
Bravo! You must be relieved Emotion: smile
very its been at least months since he ate! i was getting ready for a trip to the vets just hope he keeps it up
I agree with trying dead mice. It sounds like your snake has been through an awful lot. I know how sensitive they can be so maybe Verdelt is just taking a while to adjust. I hope he gets his appetite soon. Good luck!
how's your snake now?