My Siamese used to eat little, he was slim and athletic. When he was 7 months old we had him neutered. After this he's changed immensely. He cries at the fridge all the time begging for food. It seems he can't get enough. Even his eating manner changed: he doesn't simply eat but hastily swallows the food. Of course he gained weight quickly. Now he looks like he swallowed a water melon. Is such an appetite a normal thing after neutering? How can I make him fit again?

Thanks in advance.

- Helen
Neutering can be correlated to obesity because after neutering, the metabolism slows down (you cat's calorie requirements are lower). After neutering, you cat's feeding amount must be adjusted accordingly. However, neutering did not cause the increased appetite and food begging. It sounds to me like you give your cat people food, and he has been rewarded for begging (giving a piece of food after crying for it = positive reinforcement for begging!). You need to end the treats and begging rewards ASAP. Ignore him; he will throw a fuss at first but will soon learn that he will no longer be rewarded for it. Also, you need to switch him to a weight loss food. Consider feeding him a high-quality, ultra premium cat food such as Blue Buffalo, EVO, ect. Low quality, grocery store cat foods (especially dry food) are full of sugar and other addictive substances, as well as full of fillers and artificial dyes, and cats can become addicted to them and eat obsessively.
I have a similar situation with my cat. We adopted him from the shelter--domestic short hair. After he was neutered he was much hungrier and started to gain a little weight. I have since adjusted his feeding schedule so he gets 4 small meals spaced apart. Now I have to measure his food intake more closely. I am hoping this will resolve the issue, but I may have to research a cat food with a lower fat content (the Halo food is 14%). We shall see...

I read this article which is not really a fun read, but scientifically analyzes neutered/whole male cats. After neutering their metabolism does slow, and according to this research there is a dramatic increase in appetite.


Good Luck!
if he's an indoor kitty why don't you come up with a feeding schedule anon? ^_^ i'm sure he'll get used to it eventually... and will not beg like this
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hi there,
there are so many posts about this .there is a huge link but vets want neutering so wont admit. since their sex drive is gone it completely gets absorbed into eating and craving food.. why are there sterilised cat foods with lower calories to combat this problem if it doesn't exist...
Look at euunchs in history ,neutered humans ,all fat and obsessed with food you take the sex drive away then something fills the gap. I have same prob with my 2 -7 month old kittens sooo annoying craving food even after eating and begging foraging up on table trying to eat our food its a real prob and spaying major side effect..just trawl the net its full of cat owners with the same prob..Emotion: tongue tied