I adopted a1 yr old ? Sheltie Collie Mix with one blue eye in May. Love at first sight. He was a stray and may have been abused, and Lord knows if he had to defend him self at such a young age from other dogs.

I asked my doctor could pet therpy help me with my depression anixity, panic attacks. And he wrote a prescription for my behalf.

He is a well-mannered dog and loves attention from certain people he likes. Lately starting last part of June-September we have incountered a Pit Bull coming up from behind us countless times. I feared for my dog life and mine, I believe this is where the barking started when we go outside he can sence my body lanuage of anixtey. He becomes alert and barks at any LOUD noises, cars and weary of any one coming up towards us, barks and at times he does growl when he smells certain things. He in protecction mode when alcohol and pot he smell.

There are two barks I have noticed one is what I call the Stay Away Bark
and the Bark where he wants some one to pet him, Attention Bark. The growl is what I am concern about does it mean he will attack or a warning?

I know also the loud noises makes him bark, and Constrution is being done for about month now from new water pipes and a building being torn down.

I do live in an Apartment Complex and he does not like crowds of some people he barks. I do my best to give him excerise like walking him 4-5 day and walking up 12 flight of steps instead of elevotor at times. Acess to let him roam and run is limited...I do have a 12 inch chain when others are present and let him freedom but fear of the Pit always on my mind.

One day he wanted a friend to pet him and blocked him until he petted him should I worry about this.

Some people are wanting to get rid of him b/c he barks. HOWEVER I do devert this behavior by going in an opposite direction, and using a spray bottle of water. The vet said it protection and he guarding me.

In closing I am very pleased to say that my Dog won 1st place in JUDGES CHOICE in Dog Show I entered, Little did I know that one of the Judges was Pet Veterian in which he goes too.

I will not give up my dog I will do anything and have been in this behavior that just devoled in past months. I be greatful for any feedback.

I cannot tell if your dog will bite anyone because you know your dog better but if you don't start doing something about the undesirable behaviour it can get out of control. This is not to scare you, this is just to add importance to the necessity to work with your dog. Emotion: dog Does he know the basic commands like sit, stay, etc? If yes try this method:


If he doesn't know the commands, first teach him - http://mysmelly.com/content/dogs/train-your-dog-basic-commands-part-1.htm
Thank You for the feed back. Yes, I do work with my dog of the commands, sit, stay, come, use of hand signals. As shown in the video I do. Going in opposite direction, sit, treat, and go back in the direction that was inteeded. My dog
also is like a deer in headlights will try to chase. I am thinking that whom ever had the dog first allowed him to chase cars AND COULD THIS BE THE REASON HE WAS FOUND AS A STRAY.

DAILEY I WORK WITH MY DOG some are good and some needs reforcement according to what he may think is a threat. I have not wittness any aggression of bearing of the teeth to bite. As you stated I am the only one that knows my dog, snap it in the butt before it becomes to this point. (par-pharsing) to think he may bite is scary thought. I did not relize that until now.

I will keep posting to inform how the training is going. He is learning and patience is the key.